On The Issues

Our community is beautiful, prosperous, innovative and stimulating.  Yet we are facing an affordability crisis of historic proportions.  We have one of the largest homeless populations in the country. The cost of housing is out of reach for tens of thousands of people who work here and who want to make Santa Clara County their home – from gardeners and waitresses to teachers and firefighters.  So many families in our community are struggling every day to survive. These challenges are pulling at the fabric of our society.

Santa Clara County needs a strong advocate for all our families and children. We need to build more housing, expand access to healthcare, improve transportation and enhance educational opportunities.

As Supervisor, Susan will fight to ensure that:

  • Address the root causes of homelessness while working to expand housing access across a broad range of incomes, with a particular focus on families, seniors and women who are survivors of domestic violence.
  • Protect access to affordable healthcare at Valley Medical Center and the numerous community-based clinics in Santa Clara County, and make sure the Public Health Department is sufficiently supported.
  • Make the lives of all families better and easier. This includes a better transportation system, good parks, expanded early education opportunities, quality schools and safe communities for everyone to thrive.

As a San Jose Unified School District Board Member, Susan has successfully managed a large $300 million budget and provided healthcare, immigration resources and enhanced nutrition programs for our students, teachers and schools.

Susan has lived, worked, and raised her family in this community for more than 25 years. Her commitment to public service and families is personal, not political.