Evergreen Initiative sprawl could threaten Coyote Valley

Coyote Valley provides habitat and allows animals to navigate around our growing city; it also contributes to flood control and water quality in San Jose, absorbing storm waters and overflow from creeks that recharge our aquifers.

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County Sup Candidates Square Off at Candidate Forum

Last night’s candidates forum for County Supervisor at the Santa Clara County Democratic Club’s monthly meeting wasn’t too enlightening, but did have some entertaining moments.

All five candidates agreed on the majority of topics addressed, with Pierluigi Oliverio being the lone dissenter on two items. He disagreed with Santa Clara County’s opposition to the Trump administration’s’ federal immigration policies because Oliverio feels the County needs to follow national policy to maintain federal funds (75 percent of its budget according to Oliverio). He also would not pledge to support new local taxes to replace the potential loss of federal funds.

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Opinion: Schools need county support to stem homeless youth crisis

“Audrey” and her mom have been living with one of her mom’s co-workers for the last two months. The two of them are sleeping on a couch, which Audrey says explains her exhaustion during the day and tendency to fall asleep in class. When asked, Audrey insists she’s not homeless: “That’s the people who are sleeping on the streets.”

In California, just over 3 percent of the K-12 public school population was homeless last year, according to data submitted by schools to the State Department of Education. In San Jose Unified School District, that translates to approximately 900 students.

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Dec. 7 Letters: Eviction of senior citizens brings call to action

I was devastated to read about elderly residents being evicted from their homes, particularly weeks before Christmas. We must demand a higher degree of responsibility for vulnerable populations and speak up for dependent seniors. California state law requires only 60 days notice for the closure of a senior care facility and a plan for relocation of residents, which is wholly inadequate. The relocation period will often take longer and the trauma of moving is more profound for someone who is already being cared for in an assisted living facility. This stressful situation could have been mitigated with more practical and compassionate requirements. It is unfortunate that the landlord is forcing the closure of this — by all accounts — profitable arrangement and displacing many vulnerable residents. Our community needs to do better.

Susan Ellenberg
Candidate, District 4, Santa Clara
County Board of Supervisors

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Serving on a School Board Matters. Engaging the Community in This Work Matters More.

“Mrs. Ellenberg, you have to run!” exclaimed my middle school students. I had been a social justice educator at a small, independent school for five years when I discussed the possibility of my running for a seat on the San Jose Unified School District’s Board of Education.

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POST TRUTH? POST TRUST? Why Students Really Need a Civics Education

The emphasis on core academics has seen a steady increase over the past number of years, but a discipline that has disappeared nearly entirely from our students’ curriculum is an education that emphasizes an understanding of citizenry: not only how government works at each level, but why engagement with the political process is critical. Students, as well as the rest of us, need to understand what social and economic interests are addressed by different levels and branches of government and the implications of a lack of engagement. Related valuable skills to hone include the ability to distinguish fact from opinion, discern the validity of sources, and engage in civil dialogue with those who hold divergent views.

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Edwards, Ellenberg: County needs to help kids whose moms are in jail

Hundreds of children live in Santa Clara County without daily care from their mothers because their mothers are in jail.

Between 400 and 500 women, most of them mothers, are incarcerated in our county on any given day, some for weeks, others for many months. With an estimated average of two children for each mother, this affects between 800 and 1,000 children daily.

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Ellenberg, Zarghami: San Jose Unified’s Measure Y levels the playing field

San Jose Unified School District students are the future leaders and workforce of the Silicon Valley. They require skills in core academic programs like math, science, reading and writing, as well as excellent classroom instruction from highly qualified teachers to ensure they are prepared.

On Nov. 8, local voters have the opportunity to invest in student futures by voting Yes on Measure Y to strengthen our local elementary, middle and high schools here in San Jose.

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Susan Ellenberg, Alison Eliott and John Glover: California laws need to encourage the best teachers

Great teachers change lives. Many of us recall one teacher who sparked our interest in a subject or changed the way we thought about the world. Parents want to see their children come home from school excited about learning.

On a broader level, research validates these individual experiences. Studies show the quality of a teacher has a significant impact on student learning, greater than family income, class size or school location.

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SJUSD Trustee Area 2 Blog

Susan Ellenberg, SJUSD Trustee Area 2

My goal as the Trustee for Area 2 of San Jose Unified School District is to assist in closing the opportunity gap that exists within our communities. The aim of my blog is to engage with the community so that the policies I support reflect your priorities. Please feel free to share your ideas and contact me with any concerns regarding SJUSD Area 2!

View the full Trustee blog HERE.

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